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The State of Digital Get Down: From My Heart To Yours

Hello former, present, and future Digital Get Down Readers! I have a thing that I want to talk to you about! So let’s talk.

I’ve been wanting to do something different with Digital Get Down lately. Not with the content of the reviews, really, but with its very structure. The way things are workin’ now, I’ve been picking my next teen pop album to review at random every time I sit down to write an entry, which has led to less updates. There’s no form. No structure. No idea what the next review is going to be at any given moment!! Nothing wrong with that, but maybe not suitable for a something like DGD.

So here’s what I’m thinkin. From the word go, my dream for Digital Get Down has been a place where teen pop is not only taken seriously, but reviewed comprehensively. Slow as I might be, I want to review every teen pop album out there, and I’m not gonna stop til it’s all under my belt, ya see? Thing is, there are some artist and groups that I have no patience to drag out for months and years in order to finish up their entire discography. There are all these albums that I want to write about right now, and it kills me because I force myself to review other albums to keep things varied.

So what am I gonna do? Full artist discographies, all at once. For a series of weeks (or months, but hopefully not that long) Digital Get Down will devote itself to one artist and one artist only, reviewing every single record they have made and making their histories a thing. Because that’s the whole point of Digital Get Down, if you ask me!!

Now, this isn’t going to be the only thing DGD does from here on out. There are some one-off albums that will have their own longer reviews, and there are certain artists and groups that only have maybe one or two albums apiece. Those kindsa albums will be reviewed in the normal way. But in the future, please be on the lookout for the following artists to receive the full-discography DGD treatment:

-New Edition
-Mandy Moore
-Take That
-Boyz II Men
-New Kids On The Block
-Backstreet Boys (solo albums)

And gosh, so many more! There are so many teen pop acts that we need to cover up in here, folks! Next time we tune in, get ready for me to finish up the discography of the legendary New Edition, followed up buy Irish balladeers Westlife. This will be a journey… like no other.

~Love and Peace to you All~